Piano Tuning

I attended the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, I have perfect pitch, and I have been tuning pianos for a few years. If you live in the Metro Detroit area and you have a piano that needs to be tuned, I’d be happy to get it sounding great again.

Why Does a Piano Go Out of Tune?

First and foremost, changes in temperature and humidity cause the wooden parts inside a piano to grow and shrink slightly, which changes the tension of the strings. In fact, pianos tend to go sharp during the summer months and flat during cold winter months. This is why it is important to place your piano against an interior wall, where the temperature is much more consistent throughout the year. Other factors also contribute to a piano going out of tune; the age and condition of your piano, whether or not people pound on the keys, and how often it is moved.

Why Keeping a Piano in Tune is Important

A piano is a delicate, complex machine. Each one is made up of hundreds of moving parts of all sizes. As with all complex machines, a piano must be serviced regularly to keep it in perfect working order. When you let a piano go too far out of tune, the changes in the strings’ tension can wreak havoc on the sound board, where the strings are mounted. Not only that, but to bring a piano like that back in tune may cause more problems, like broken strings. The only way to avoid all this is to get your piano tuned regularly (about every 6 months) to keep the strings’ tension consistent.

Need Your Piano Tuned?

If you need your piano tuned, get in touch with me using the form below. I’ll answer any questions you have and we can set up an appointment.

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