My name is Alanah and I’m an independent composer/music producer from Michigan.

My Music
I have a passion specifically for instrumental music, which you will notice right away if you listen to any of my solo music (which you can listen to here). I love the fact that music is like a language that connects directly with our emotions. I don’t make music just for the sake of making music; it has to really come from a deep place in my soul, and every melody and chord has to fit together in a way that connects to that deep place.

My goal and biggest desire for my music is that it would inspire creativity in you and give you a sense of peace, whatever that might mean for you. Listen to it when you read, write, or draw. Listen to it when you’re happy, sad, or anxious. I want my music to give you something to relate to when you can’t find anything else (because sometimes lyrics can fail) and to help you feel a little less alone. Every song of mine has come out of a different season of life, so grab onto the emotion in each song, and let yourself feel.

A Little History
I started taking piano lessons when I was 4 years old, which eventually led to me joining my church’s youth band when I was in seventh grade. When I graduated from 8th grade, I joined the main church band and grew tremendously as a keyboardist, while also teaching myself how to play guitar, bass guitar, and multiple other instruments. I went on to work there as an assistant to the worship pastor, and it was there that I began composing and producing musical elements for special church services. That was when my passion for composing and recording music was awakened. I started dabbling in creating instrumental music in Garageband on my dad’s laptop, and a few years later I built a high-end PC and invested in Ableton Live, which I still use today.
Presently, I work in the office of a plumbing company, and I tune pianos independently. I record and produce music for independent musicians, small bands, churches, and videographers. I have released an EP and a full-length album. I still play and sing in my church’s band, and occasionally I travel with friends to lead worship at different events. My life is pretty exciting and I’m definitely doing what I love.